The purest, simplistic, easy program in the universe (maybe in all the galaxies and universes).

You pay no fees. ZERO. ZILCH. NADA. As a convenient way for your customers to pay, you offer credit card acceptance at your business through one of our JadaPay machines or POS systems. This equipment will display different prices for your customers depending on how they choose to pay you, for your goods/services.

Your pathway to Freedom starts here

100% fully compliant in all 50 states!

If the customer chooses to pay with cash, they will pay the cash price. If they choose to pay with credit/debit/electronic payment, they will pay that price. 

This dual pricing allows you, as the business owner, to eliminate 100% of your credit card acceptance fees. 

With this exclusive program with JadaPay True Zero, you will get:

– FREE standard equipment (new, sleek, up-to-date, fully PCI compliant, and fast)- plus the machine does all the work!

– NO compliance fees, no administration fees, no PCI  fees, no breach fees, no annual fees, no made-up fees, NO FEES

– FREE gift/loyalty program 

(This is the part where we would tell you all the restrictions or tell you this deal is too good to be true but since we don’t operate that way… we will just tell you that you will save THOUSANDS on this program!)