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We are not sales people. We just aren’t. None of us have a fancy business degree from some cool college nor this deep rooted passion for sales inside of us. Most of us actually despise sales and sales people (kind of ironic huh). We actually consider ourselves farmers. (Get ready for some cool reverse thinking here)… We are planting the seeds of knowledge everywhere we go and gaining clients through the empowerment of truth and customer service. We are committed to under promising and over delivering. We aren’t going to make you any promises we can’t keep and we won’t offer you any services or solutions we can’t deliver. It’s actually one of the biggest reasons that we have no contracts for our services; we want you to want to be with us not with us because some contract says you do. Most of us are from small town America, where we have built our reputation with a handshake and busting our butts to ensure we deliver on what we said we’d do. That is what you are going to get with JadaPay. 


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