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Are you looking for a new point of sale system for your business? Look no further! We offer a variety of options to accommodate different industries and needs. Whether you're a restaurant owner, retail store owner, or gun shop owner, we have a POS solution that will work for you. Our integrated systems offer efficient and reliable support for all aspects of your business operations. Don't waste time using multiple software programs to run your business - let us provide a seamless POS solution. Upgrade your system today with our versatile and customizable options.

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Our industry leading TRUE ZERO Credit Card Processing is the greatest thing since the birth of America. Well maybe not that great but it is pretty epic. Don’t you want that FREEDOM? You know that 1776 FREEDOM from your credit card processing rates? 

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We are Patriots. We love our country and love the power of small businesses. Let our group of freedom loving American Flag supporting technicians set you up with your new Patriot POS Device.

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